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Privacy Policy

This policy describes what information is collected about you as you use this web site, why it is collected, and what you can do about it.

This web site is intended to provide information, does not collect user registration, or payment information, or solicit any other kind of information from you in order to use the site. However, your IP address may be logged by the servers that host this site and the ISPs through which the servers communicate with you. If you don't want your IP address associated with this site, consider using a VPN or TOR.

This web site has social plugins. If you interact with those plugins, such as a Facebook like / share button, data about that interaction will be stored by the owner of the social plugin, i.e. Facebook. Check their privacy policies for information about how they use your data.

This web site may also set a browser cookie in order to keep track of your browsing session. You can prevent this by turning off cookies for this site in your web browser, however a limited set of features on this site will not work if you do.

This web site does not utilize transport layer security in order to encrypt page traffic as it travels from the servers that host this site to you. This means that the pages you visit and their content can be monitored by ISPs and agencies that have the capabilities to intercept Internet communications. If this matters to you, consider using a VPN or TOR to disassociate yourself from your browsing activity on this site.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at ---.