Igor Tolkov

Hundred Peaks of Taiwan

Welcome to my trail logs page specific to the 100 peaks of Taiwan (Baiyue). As I hike the 100 peaks, I will eventually publish trail logs and some English-language directions here. As I often hike solo and travel by bus, some itineraries will differ from the ones typically used by Taiwanese hikers.

For an overview of where I've been, check out my 100 peaks collection.

Snow Mountain Range (Shei-Pa National Park)

I hiked almost all Baiyue within Shei-Pa National Park. The left-overs are Mt. Snow East and North Peaks, and the Big / Little Sword group.

Four Graces of Wuling (34.9 km km, 2890 m): an entry-level three-day loop hike to four Baiyue on the Snow Mountain Range. The highest of these is Mt. Pintian, at 3524 m.

Twin Ears (62.7 km, 2910 m): an intermediate-level three-day out-and-back hike to four Baiyue in the northwest corner of the park.

Mount Snow West Ridge via Mt. Sqoyaw and a Direct Ridgeline Descent (64.0 km, 4880 m): an exploratory five-day through hike that traverses the east span of the Snow Mountain Range. This is a variation of the hike that passes via Mt. Sqoyaw in the beginning. I missed Mt. Zhongxue on this hike, so it covered five Baiyue, including Mt. Snow, the highest peak on the Snow Mountain Range and the second highest in Taiwan. (I consider the typical route to be advanced level.)

Mt. Zhongxue and near peaks (73.9 km, 2630 m): an exploratory three-day out-and-back hike where I collect Mt. Zhongxue and go searching for my tripod in the wilderness and find a thermos instead.

Jade Mountain Range (Yushan National Park)

I summited all Baiyue on the Jade Mountain Range in Yushan National Park.

Five Near Peaks of Mt. Jade (35.0 km, 2470 m): an intermediate-level two-day out-and-back hike to five Baiyue, including Mt. Jade, the highest peak on Taiwan, as well as the third-highest and fourth-highest peaks.

Four Far Peaks of Mt. Jade and the Mabolasi Traverse (125.2 km, 7740 m): an advanced-level ten-day through hike that combines two hikes usually done separately for a total of twelve Baiyue, including Mt. Xiuguluan, the highest peak on the Central Mountain Range. Coming soon.

Central Mountain Range Spine

I have summited many Baiyue along the Central Mountain Range, however there are many more left.

North Section 1, Nanhu Peaks and Central Range Point Loop (69.0km , 6050 m): an intermediate-level six-day loop hike to eight Baiyue including Mt. Nanhu (#8) and Central Range Point (#10).

Green and Sheephead Mountains (21.9 km, 1720 m): an entry-level two-day through hike to two Baiyue.

Mt. Qilai North and Main Peaks (30.4 km, 2190 m): an entry-level two-day out-and-back hike to two more Baiyue. It's usually shorter than this, but I hiked to the main peak twice.

South Section Two via Mt. Jiemaosi (93.3 km, 6110 m): an intermediate-level seven-day through hike that covers nine Baiyue. Hiking via Mt. Jiemaosi avoids the crowded Jiaming Lake trail but requires camping for the first night.

Central Mountain Range Branches

Mt. Jun from Dongpu (20.5 km, 2420 m): an exploratory two-day loop hike to Mt. Jun from Dongpu Hot Spring.

Mt. Pingfeng (Old and New Trails) (19.7 km, 1990 m): an intermediate-level two-day loop hike to Mt. Pingfeng. A shorter out-and-back hike is recommended for entry-level hikers.

Twin Dragon Tribe to Temple of Mountain Calm and West Range Peak: a relaxed three-day entry-level through hike I did with the NTNU Mountaineering Club in 2018. Coming soon.

Standalone Peaks

Mt. Xalut (19.9 km, 1690 m): an entry-level two-day hike (three days is better). Coming soon.