Igor Tolkov

Almost done with this series, just a few posts left. Pateros - Twisp - Winthrop

Pateros is where I left the Columbia River and began ascending up the Methow River Valley. Winthrop is where the bike shop was. Remember, all this time I had to add air to my front tire several times a day.

Somewhere south of Twisp the wind began, that was so strong I had trouble staying on my bike. I stopped at the first cafe on the way to rest. The wind subsided a bit after that, but I decided to stay in Twisp because there was an Italian restaurant I really wanted to visit. I also did my last major grocery stop in Twisp.

The Italian restaurant was only open for dinner, and reservations were required. This practically meant it served local residents rather than tourists, which meant the staff knew the patrons by name. I got in right as they opened and was able to get a seat.

That night I stayed at a private campground north of Twisp. It was very disappointing. The host told me they closed the tent camping area, but I could still camp there. However, facilities were only available at the RV area. Also, I was not allowed to set up my tent in the RV area. This meant a really long walk to the toilet. But they still charged me full price. But at least there was a free shower? Nope! Coin-operated, and no coin change machine. Oh well, this was the last time I'd pay for camping anyway.

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