Igor Tolkov

The night after Ashton I camped, and it was long and cold. I only later figured out how to use the fleece blanket I bought in Yellowstone. The trick is to wrap it tight around yourself, especially your legs, while zipping yourself up in the sleeping bag.

I slept in a "camping area" of a hunting reserve. There were no established campsites, just some grass around a parking lot and a pair of covered picnic tables to one side. The parking lot was empty initially, but after nightfall a truck drove in. They noticed my tent and made some comment about tent camping in the cold. The occupants of the truck went to sleep.

Early morning while it was still dark another hunting group drove in and started getting their boat ready. They were getting ready for a long time. I was watching from the window in my tent, not feeling very sociable, and also not wanting to get up. I figured that the early hunters get first pick of lake to hunt on. Then the truck occupants started getting ready, and the two parties kind of divided the lake in two.

Soon I got tired of lying around and started making breakfast. As I ate, the shots were firing non-stop some distance being me. Eventually I packed up and began to ride. It was so cold my bike computer wouldn't work initially - it claimed "low battery" and turned itself off. It took finding a convenience store and spending some time inside to fix that.