Igor Tolkov

The next morning the town weather station was reporting -23°C, so I didn't hurry leaving. After all, I was staying at a Best Western, so I was required to enjoy the breakfast they offered. The other guests weren't in a hurry either: they were here for Yellowstone, some having come a long way, and the park was still closed.

The good news for them and for me is that it was no longer snowing. This means the Yellowstone plow crews were now busy clearing the park's roads - most would open by evening. For me, it meant a much more pleasant ride.

I should say, the Best Western did me a big favor by letting me store my bike inside in their luggage room. Over an hour or so, the ice frozen onto the bike would have melted creating a big mess for the hotel to clean up.

Leaving town, I actually rode on compact snow. To my surprise, I had traction - I think, the surface must have been sanded. There was only a small uphill to the Continental Divide and Idaho state border. On the other side the snow quickly receded. It disappeared completely after a long 300 m downhill. I entered seed potato valley and checked into my hotel in Ashton.

A fun sight along the way was a large group of cowboys herding an even larger group of cows right off the highway.

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