Igor Tolkov

It was 23 km from the Madison Campground to West Yellowstone. Originally I planned to ride on to Idaho but gave up on that idea, opting instead to spend the first -20°C night warm at a Best Western. (Best Westerns are expensive, but I had enough points saved from work trips of old for two free nights. I used the other free night in Page, AZ.) The ride was tough. It was snowing. Despite temperature being well below freezing (-7°C), the snow was wet, and it stuck to the bike, freezing and making the bike heavy.

My cables weren't lubricated properly, and the long ones got stuck in their housing, inhibiting release of the rear brake and shifting up. I could still pull on the cable to shift to a lower gear, and theoretically I could also *engage* the rear brake, but if I did, it would have to be disengaged manually.

Snow also built up under the fenders. This was fine while I was moving, but as soon as I stopped I risked the snow freezing to the tire. (The proper solution to this problem is to remove the fenders.) Obviously, in this kind of weather I had to go slow.

After I arrived in West Yellowstone and settled in, I could have a lot more fun. I just dressed warm and went out for a walk through town. There were two grocery stores (the one closest to the national park border is better IMO). There were lots of Chinese businesses, including one with a very ambiguous storefront and a terrible (2.6) rating on Google, where I had delicious braised beef rice. I really enjoy Chinese food, and good Chinese restaurants are hard to come by in the midland US, so I was very pleasantly surprised at the abundance. (Although one restaurant advertised something I wouldn't eat: 黑熊肉 = black bear meat.) #bikinginsnow #snowbiking #konasutra #montana #westyellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark

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