Igor Tolkov

Tuesday, October 8th was sunny, warm, and generally beautiful.

That evening, a strong front would pass through the area, dumping snow. The night, however, would not be too cold - only -5°C or so. But over the day on Wednesday, temperatures would keep dropping, and Wednesday night would drop to below -20°C. The cold would linger for several days in West Yellowstone, as well as Mammoth and parts of Montana to the north of the park. But the cold would miss anything on the Pacific side of the Continental Divide, including Idaho and Jackson Hole.

This was the information I gathered from my stays in Riverton and Hatchet. Camping at -20°C was not an option, and I had a choice to make. Turning South to Jackson would mean skipping Yellowstone. Instead, I went North, and on the eve of the storm prepared to camp at Madison Campground. Rangers assured me that the road out off the park would be plowed, and I would be able to leave the next morning, but I figured that this was the last possible day to ride through the park.

At sunset I saw a herd of bison foraging off the road, and in the other direction the unusual cloud formation. Something was amiss.

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