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Oct 30, day 176: return to Seattle

I had breakfast in Granite Falls. Then I rode along the highway toward the Centennial Trail.

I had a thought earlier that on the last day of the ride I had to get a flat. I did not imagine I would get a screw through the tire, but I did. See 📷3. I kept the screw.

When I got to the trail, I discovered I left my little hydration backpack in Granite Falls and rode back for it. Unfortunate, as that highway was busy, and the shoulder had a lot of trash. It was a big difference from the calm roads - even the major ones - on the other side of the mountains.

The rest of the ride was in familiar territory. I still had my GPS assistant on but didn't need it anymore. Down the trail to Snohomish, across the valley, up Broadway, across the freeway and into Woodinville, then over to the Samammish River trail and along it to UW.

And then I crossed the bridge and headed back to Kirkland.

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Hi, there! This was my last night of the ride, and there was a mouse running around my kitchen and climbing things.

Some months ago, in Utah, I actually woke up to discover a mouse in my tent. I guess I left the door open at one point, and it snuck in and hid somewhere, probably behind my backpack. When I woke up at night I heard it shuffling around my sleeping bag 😮 I figured it was just trying to get out, so I opened the door and pushed the fabric down - I was right. In the morning while packing up I did have to shake out a few mouse droppings, though.

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Crossing Barlow Pass: the last climb of the ride was optional. It wasn't easy, either, as the 14-mile climb was unpaved and sometimes quite steep.

At one point my bike started rattling. I tried to figure out what was causing the rattle but couldn't. I later learned one of the bolts holding the rear rack in place had sheared. At another point while resting I watched a tree fall. I'm glad it didn't fall on me.

Once I reached Barlow Pass, I went hiking again. The hike I picked required a short ride along a closed forest road to the trailhead - that way I did not leave my bike in view and easy access of prowlers. But it was a rather long hike, time was running short, and ice on the trail made going difficult - in the end, I turned around early. I ran a bit going downhill, too. This is generally a bad idea on low-trafficked trails - you can startle a bear.

Luckily, after hiking I was riding downhill, the road was paved again, and the wind was at my back. I quickly reached my intended destination campground.

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