Igor Tolkov


I am a STEM quadruple major and a University of Washington graduate with work experience in software. I enjoy travel, backpacking, cycling, and photography. Currently I am taking time off work to travel, explore hobbies, make friends, and advance my foreign language skills. I just came back from Taiwan where I spent 6 months studying Chinese.

Cycling around the US

In 2019 I have embarked on a bike circuit of the United States to promote low-carbon tourism and increase cycling safety awareness. Please follow along on my tour page and blog or subscribe to @igor.wheels on Instagram.

For any questions, feel free to contact me via Facebook or Instagram, or e-mail at ---. Those security-minded may encrypt the e-mail with my public key.


Websites and Profiles

Old Sitehttp://igor.tolkov.com/archive
No longer maintained, but still interesting.
TumblrSong of a thistle
My blog, mostly with photos. Mirrored on this site.
My Instagram account. Mirrored on this site.
LinkedInMy LinkedIn Profile
taiLibMy taiLib Profile
A service I co-founded in my last few years of college.