Igor Tolkov
Cyclist, Photographer
Software Engineer, Facebook (2014-2018)
University of Washington, Class of 2013
B.Sc. Mathematics, Physics; B.Sc. Computer Science; B.A. Linguistics


I am a STEM quadruple major and a University of Washington graduate working in software. I enjoy travel, backpacking, cycling, and photography.

I am currently on tour. Feel free to follow along on my tour page:

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Websites and Profiles

Old Site http://igor.tolkov.com/archive
No longer maintained, but still interesting.
Tumblr Song of a thistle
My blog, mostly with photos, until 2016. Mirrored on this site.
Instagram igor.wheels
My Instagram account. Mirrored on this site.
LinkedIn My LinkedIn Profile
taiLib My taiLib Profile
A service I co-founded in my last few years of college.